2023 Ginny Patin Scholarships

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What is the Scholarship Program?

The Ginny Patin Scholarship program was established to assist outstanding college students in achieving their scholastic goals. This program is designed to interest and encourage young people to enter the seed industry. Each year, three $2,500 scholarships are funded through contributions from members of the seed and allied industries. It is our belief that everyone benefits from this program. The students receive assistance towards attaining their chosen goal and the industry receives the new talent needed to remain competitive in today's business world.

Awards based on the following criteria:

  • Seed industry affiliation through internships, jobs, events, tours, or other CSA activities, FFA and/or classes, etc.
  • Demonstrated interest in the California seed industry in particular and in agriculture in general
  • Scholastic achievement and activities
  • Essay
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Financial need

Selection process:
A review committee of six members will read and evaluate the applications based on the set criteria and vote on the top three applicants. The winners of the scholarships are announced at the annual convention in March each year by the committee chair.

Who can apply?

  1. Eligible fields of study include, but are not limited to the following: Agribusiness with an emphasis in Plant Science, Botany, Plant or Seed Physiology; Plant Science and Soil Science.
  2. Special interest in the seed industry is a plus
  3. High school graduating seniors, undergraduate and graduate students enrolling or enrolled on a full-time basis in college or universities in the state of California.

Scholarship Time Frame:

  • The scholarship award is for the Fall Semester of 2023 and will be sent directly to the school the student will be attending upon proof of enrollment.

You may also write to the California Seed Association Office at 1521 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 or call at 916/441-2251.

Please share this information with high school graduating seniors and/or college students and encourage them to apply.  

Thank you for your continued support of this valuable program.   


Past Scholarship Recipients


Moises Gomez is a student at Hartnell College whose plans are to transfer to CSUMB in Fall 2020 where he plans to earn his Bachelor of Science in the Plant/Soil Science. From a young age, he would accompany his father to work in the agricultural fields of the Salinas Valley where he understood the essential role everyone plays in the diverse agricultural industry. He currently works at Taylor Farms CA Sales where he is learning about the various components along the supply chain. He doesn’t know where life might take him, but his moral compass will point him in the right direction.

Kevin in the lab.

Q: How has this scholarship enhanced your education?
A: This scholarship has enhanced my education by providing financial assistance for tuition while I was an undergraduate at UC Davis. This funding was important in allowing me to pursue some of my personal research interests, as I was able to intern in a lab during that time. The time I spent in this lab not only introduced me to research, but it also taught me many critical lab skills that I still use in graduate school.

Q: Would/have you encouraged others to apply?
A: I have encouraged other students, who were eligible, to apply for this scholarship.

Q: Which field(s) of study are you pursuing?
A: After completing my bachelor’s degree in Plant Sciences at UC Davis, I moved to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I am currently pursuing a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics.

Q: Which career(s) are you interested in pursuing?
A: I am interested in pursuing a career in academic research in the fields related to plant breeding and plant genetics. I would like to focus my research on solving the many unanswered questions regarding the genetics of plant growth. Using information gained from research of this nature, I can apply this information in a manner that can improve plant cultivation in agricultural systems.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to tell members of the association?
A: I am very grateful for the generous support I received to help fund my education. I truly could not have achieved all that I have so far without the help of this scholarship.

Tyler with Christmas poinsettias raised in The Shasta College Greenhouses.

Q: How has this scholarship enhanced your education?
A: The Ginny Patin Scholarship has helped me to advance my education by paying for my last two semesters at Shasta College. over the course of this year I have taken several Ag courses such as Animal Science, Sustainable Agriculture in Practice, and Ag leadership to name a few. I am currently enrolled in both Botany and Biology so that my transition to Montana State goes smoothly and I have as many transferable courses as possible. 

Q: Would/have you encouraged others to apply?
A: I have encouraged several others to apply for this scholarship and showed them how to do it.

Q: Which field(s) of study are you pursuing?
A: As a transfer student coming out of Shasta College I will have a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and I will be pursuing a degree in Crop Science at Montana State Bozeman. 

Q: Which career(s) are you interested in pursuing?
A: After graduation I plan to pursue a career in agriculture as a Pest Control Adviser

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to tell members of the association?
A: I would just like to say thanks again for supporting my education and best of luck this year selecting a new recipient!