California Seed Association Career Portal

Seed Industry Careers

California seed companies are always looking for talented college graduates to fill a wide variety of jobs.

52,000 jobs / year

Every year over 52,000 job openings in the U.S. seed industry are available to new college graduates! Over 6,000 of these jobs are in California where more than 200 seed firms are headquartered.

Now Hiring

Ag Majors are always highly sought after by companies in the seed industry - but you don't have to major in agriculture to find your career and work in this growing industry.

Diverse Opportunities

Careers in the industry range from Management & Business to Science & Engineering; Forestry Production & Education to Communication & Government Services and more!

Hands-on Careers

You won't be sitting behind a desk with most of the careers in the seed industry! You’ll be an active, hands-on participant making a difference in an industry that's feeding the world.